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Hazuki Hotaru as Kato Ryuko
She has been performing since her time as a student at the Tama School of the Arts. She made her movie debut in TAKAHISA ZEZE's 1993 film "Miboujin(The Widow)". Since that time, she has appeared in several works by progressive directors.
Sawada Syunsuke as Kato Syuwa
He was born in Osaka in 1974, and while a student at the Osaka University of Art participated as an actor in "Soft Machine", a performance group there. During that time he met the director KAZUYOSHI KUMAKIRI, and appeared in his 1997 film "KICHIKU" and brand new film "Hole in the Sky".
Furukawa Junichi as Kato Matsuo
He was born in Osaka in 1947, and studied Japanese art at the Kyoto City University of the Arts. Since that time he has participated in many forms of the arts, including photography and documentaries.
Kawashima Kahori as Umekawa Ohina
She was born in Tokyo in 1980, and talent belonging to entertainments office "Partner's Pro" of Osaka. It is working broadly by the teleplay, the reporter of a variety program, etc.
Maeda Hiromichi as Inumatsu Tsukuru
He was born in Hyougo in 1972, and the front man(vocalist) of "AKAINU" who took charge of the music of "Ryuko, in the Unfaithful Evening". Common-name baron Robin. Moreover, Furthermore, it is appearing on many movies.
Ozawa Yoshiaki as Natsume Kouji
He was born in Tochigi in 1973, and it works on theater and a movie after the Osaka University of Arts performing-arts subject-of-study entrance. As a Ujita work, it has appeared following on "Pornotic Nite(1997)"
Ogawa toto as "The general"
He is a small theatrical company's stage actor. Moreover, the teleplay and the movie are also working besides the stage.

Onoe Megumi/Biguchi Yayoi as Student girl

  Shibata go as Assistant Shimada
Motoki Takashi as Director AV
Yamashita Nobuhiro as Mr.Yamashita