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He was born in Wakayama in 1975. He began shooting in 8mm film while still at university. He graduated in 1997 with the film "Pornotic Nite". In 1998, he decided to dedicate himself to making "Ryuko, in the Unfaithful Evening", which he completed past summer in 2000.
1997 "Pornotic Nite" 16mm/80min
2000 "Ryuko, in the Unfaithful Evening" 35mm/62min

KONDO RYUTO and MUKAI KOUSUKE directors of photography
They participated as staff in "KICHIKU". Meeting director YAMASHITA at that time, the worked with him to produce the "Midnight Child Theater", releasing "Hazy Life" in 1999. Since then they have been active with many productions in the Osaka area.
AKAINU music
It was formed in 1993 around AKIRA MATSUMOTO, and has become especially popular in the Osaka. Since the release of "KICHIKU", AKAINU has worked on the soundtrack for "Hazy Life" and "Boomerang 2000" in 1998

Director / Uzita TakashiI
Screenplay / Mukai Kousuke, Uzita Takashi, Yamamoto Yuko
Director of Photography / Kondo Ryuto, Mukai Kousuke
Camera Operator / Kondo Ryuto
Lightning / Mukai Kousuke
Music / Matsumoto Akira(AKAINU)
Sound / Arai Makoto
Art Design / Wake Tpshiyuki
Assistant Directors / Kimura Yoshikatsu, Motoki Takashi
Camera Assistant / Fujino Michiru, Yamashita Nobuhiro
Production Manager / Motoki Takashi, Yokoyama Hiroki, Uzita Takashi
Editor / Uzita Takashi
Title Design / Nishio Maki
Production / Ochanoma Classics